Upcoming Events
  • Holiday care re-opens: 12th January 2021

  • TERM DATES 2021:
    Term 1 18th Jan 2021 − 30 Mar
    Term 2: 14 Apr − 24 Jun 2021
    Term 3: 14 Jul − 22 Sep
    Term 4: 6 Oct − 1 Dec 2021
    Holiday closes − 15th Dec 2021

  • Public Holidays 2021:
    1st Jan - New Years Day
    21st Mar - Human Rights Day
    22nd Mar - Public Holiday
    2nd Apr - Good Friday
    5th Apr - Family Day
    26th Apr - School Holiday School Closed
    27th Apr - Freedom Day
    1st May - Workers Day
    16th Jun - Youth Day
    9th Aug - Woman's Day
    24th Sep - Heritage Day
    16th Dec - Day of Reconciliation
    25th Dec - Christmas Day
    26th Dec - Day of Goodwill

  • Open Days 2021:

School Fees 2021


An application fee of R100.00 is payable with submission of your application.


Upon acceptance of your child/ren at Rainbow Montessori school a once-off, non-refundable registration fee is payable. R4000 is payable for the first child, R3000 for the second child and R2000 for each child thereafter.


Fees are to be paid by 1st of the month and from the beginning of the month in which the child starts at the school. The fees payable from January 2021 to November 2021 is as follows:

Age Group Times Fees Included
Toddlers: 8.00 − 12:00 R3,300 (R3,000 Second Child) kinetics
Pre-School (3−6 Years): 8.00 − 12:30 R3,400 (R3000 Second Child) Xhosa and outings
Grade 1-3: 8.00 − 14:00 R3,850 (R3,500 Second Child) Xhosa and Choir
Grade 4-7: 8.00 − 14:30 R3,950 (R3,600 Second Child) Physical Ed. ball skills, Computers, Xhosa and Choir

Grade 1 to 3 will finish AT 13:00 on Fridays and at the end of term
Grade 4-7 will finish at 13.15 on Fridays and at the end of the term.


  Until 16:00 Until 18:00
Toddler & Pre-school R800.00 (Sibling R500) R1100.00 (Sibling R800)
Grade 1-7 R750.00 (Sibling R500) R950.00 (Sibling R800)
Equipment Fees
R100.00 per month or R1100 per year, per family.


Holiday care fees will be invoiced separately and must be paid in advance prior to the commencement of the holidays.
Non-Aftercare Children R60.00 Until 12:00
R80.00 Full Day - Everyday Until 18:00

  • We offer a 5% discount if the annual fee is paid in full by the 1st February
  • Fees are payable monthly in advance, by the 1st January to 1st November. The School is dependent on a regular cash-flow to enable it to cover its costs. Parents must ensure payments of school fees are always paid on time, every month.
  • School Fees are payable via Debit order through the school. should the payment fail, a fee of R300 will be added for transaction costs.
  • If for any reason your child attends Rainbow Montessori School for only part of a month, you will still be liable for the full month’s fees.
  • One month’s written notice is required if you wish to withdraw your child from the school.
  • Late payment of school fees will result in a R300 being added to your account after the 4th of the month.
  • Cash payments and cash deposits are discouraged. If paying cash, please insist on a receipt at the time of payment. Cash deposit fees will be added to parent’s account.
  • A charge of R200.00 per half an hour or part thereof will be charged for late collection from school. (12:00; 12:30; 4PM.)
  • A charge of R300 per half an hour or part thereof will be charged for late collection after 18:00. After 18:30 an extra R300 will be added if the child has not been collected (R400). Repeated late collection within the same month will be charged at double the cost (R600).


  • PRE-SCHOOL − Provisions cost if not supplied termly, Extra outings
  • PRIMARY − Stationery Fee - once off for year, Camp fees, Outings

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