Upcoming Events
  • Holiday care re-opens: 12th January 2021

  • TERM DATES 2021:
    Term 1 18th Jan 2021 − 30 Mar
    Term 2: 14 Apr − 24 Jun 2021
    Term 3: 14 Jul − 22 Sep
    Term 4: 6 Oct − 1 Dec 2021
    Holiday closes − 15th Dec 2021

  • Public Holidays 2021:
    1st Jan - New Years Day
    21st Mar - Human Rights Day
    22nd Mar - Public Holiday
    2nd Apr - Good Friday
    5th Apr - Family Day
    26th Apr - School Holiday School Closed
    27th Apr - Freedom Day
    1st May - Workers Day
    16th Jun - Youth Day
    9th Aug - Woman's Day
    24th Sep - Heritage Day
    16th Dec - Day of Reconciliation
    25th Dec - Christmas Day
    26th Dec - Day of Goodwill

  • Open Days 2021:

Code Of Conduct

We encourage everyone at Rainbow Montessori to be kind and gentle to everyone.
Everyone has a right to privacy and concentration.
Everyone has a right to his/her own personal belongings.
We encourage everyone not to touch anything that does not belong to them.
Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure.
We encourage all not to express anger or bad feelings in a way that insults or threatens someone else.
We do not fight, push, trip, bite or use aggressive behaviour or bad language.
We always use the playground equipment as intended to be used.
We let everyone play who wants to join in the games.
Scary games are not played at our school.
Sand is always kept in the sandboxes and the sand toys are always kept clean and always packed away in the correct places.
We never throw sand around the sandboxes.
We always say goodbye before leaving the premises with our guardians.
We do not throw stones or hurt trees, animals or plants.
We are allowed to pick 2 flowers.

Rainbow Montessori School cannot tolerate any irresponsible and dangerous behaviour, acts of violence, threats of violence, emotional or sexual harassment or verbal abuse directed towards anyone. It is absolutely illegal and forbidden to bring or carry a weapon to school or to use any common objects as a weapon.

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